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A selection of (free!) resources that tie in with video topics on my YouTube channel.

Get ready for your tutoring session!

An hour can fly by - a little bit of preparation makes a huge difference in what we can get done. Whether this is your first time working with a tutor, or even if you're a tutoring pro, here are some ways to make the most out of your session.

Review your content

Give a quick readthrough to your notes, text, and any relevant worksheets/problem sets for the topic. This will remind you of areas you're feeling solid about (we'll skip those), and areas that need attention during our session.

Bring some ideas

Make a list of the topics you definitely want to cover in our session. That way, nothing important gets forgotten.

Feeling overwhelmed? Take a look at your class schedule/syllabus - what's going to be covered on the next quiz or assignment? That's a great place to start!

Send it over

If possible, giving me a little head's up on what you want to cover means that I can go through all of my resources before our session and pull my favorite diagrams, problems, etc. and have them ready for us.

You can do this while booking your session, or by sending me an email before our session.

Be on time

For online tutoring, grab a snack, find a comfortable spot, and get your computer warmed up and ready to go! Give yourself a little extra time to click through and join our meeting, and make sure your camera/mic are on.

Let's go!

During our session, I'll use my whiteboard to make some drawings, pull up figures, and jot down important terms - if you've got some paper handy, making your own notes and drawings is always helpful.

After our session, I'll send a copy of my whiteboard to you so that you can review what we covered.

Schedule your session

Ready to learn some biology?

Use the button below to get started - I'm excited to work with you!

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